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"Understand Cause and Effect"

Every golfer is built differently, and no two swings are the same. If you practice with a purpose, you will ingrain good habits.

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The game of golf has been my true passion.  I began playing competitively in Truckee, California in 1995.  My perseverance led me to the title of Nevada Individual State Champion and Northern Nevada’s Player of the Year in 1997. I earned my PGA Class A Membership in 2009.

Since 2001, I have taught at prestigious golf courses from Lake Tahoe to Hawaii while pursuing my dream of being a touring professional on several Mini-Tours and PGA Tour Qualifiers in Northern Nevada and California. 

Now I look forward to continue teaching and promoting the “Greatest Game Ever Played.”

 ”Golf is a Life Sport,” and I genuinely would love to keep it that way. 

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Chris Gerdin

"Aim Small, Miss Small"  

I believe in fundamentals and have simple ways for you to remember them. 

With consistency, your shots will become more


"Aim Small, Miss Small"
Chris Gerdin
PGA Class A Professional  

"It's not how good your good shots are, it's how good your bad shots are"

Not all shots are going to be perfect. Golf is not a game of perfection; it is a game of excellence. Every golfer has strengths and limitations. 

Your potential is endless